Predictions of Downtown Wichita Arena’s Success are Premature


Several Wichita Eagle editorials in recent weeks have mentioned the success of the Intrust Arena being built in downtown Wichita.

Success, I might ask, at doing what?

The fact that the arena structure is rising is evidence of only the smallest measure of competence by Sedgwick County officials. Having entrusted them with some two hundred million dollars, it’s the least we can expect.

We won’t know the success or failure of this arena for five to ten years.


2 responses to “Predictions of Downtown Wichita Arena’s Success are Premature”

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  2. Justin

    This arena is the best thing to happen to Wichita in many years. Now I just wish we would have built it closer to the river and Centruy II.

    With OKC having a NBA team, this will send even more events to Wichita. All the big artist’s are only going to the newer arena’s. Looks at OKC, Tulsa, Omaha, and Des Moines.

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