Kansas Blog Roundup for August 8, 2008


The August primary exposed some ugly behavior in the Kansas Republican party. And from its senate leadership, no less.

While not, strictly speaking, a blog, Kansas Liberty is a great place to read about Kansas politics. The article Senate Leadership PAC supporting Republican liberals over conservatives in primaries: Conservatives protest GOP contributions to liberal Republican hit group explains very well the ugliness in the August Kansas primary election: “… contributions by the Kansas Senate Leadership PAC to a group that also is helping finance liberal-leaning Republicans whose aim is defeat conservatives in the Aug. 5 primary by sending mail claiming, among other things, that GOP conservatives have ties to the KKK and want to send parents to jail for trying to save sick children.”

The article Senate President claims primary involvement necessary to fend off conservatives expands on this. Denis Boyles contributes analysis in Extremist moderates.

The post Howe defeats Kline, Ryun loses to Jenkins, liberals win in a walk reports the results of some of the elections.

The Kansas Republican Assembly blog contributes KTRM: Kansans Throwing Racial Mud, describing activities of The Kansas Traditional Republican Majority (KTRM), “a group of liberals masquerading as Republicans.” Also Will the real moderates please stand up? and The proof is in the pudding.

The Kansas Meadowlark reports on an outside group’s contributions to a candidate for the Kansas House from northeast Wichita: D.C. LGBT group “buying” State Rep District 84 for Inga Taylor in Wichita. Finney won the election 56% to 43%.

Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has planty of cash to work with: Gov. Sebelius’ Bluestem Fund PAC awash with cash for November elections.

What about a southeast Kansas senator’s carport? Did Senator Umbarger violate ethics rules buying a carport with campaign money? Umbarger clairvoyant?

At Wichita 259 Truth the ever-mysterious Boondoggler weighs in with Can You Smell That Smell? This post critically examines a recent Mark McCormick column printed in the Wichita Eagle. Other bloggers (like me) noticed this column too in the post Wichita School Bond Issue Opponents: Driving What? And How?

Somewhat related to the Wichita school bond issue is Reverend Kevass Harding’s real estate development seeking to avoid chipping in its full share of property taxes to USD 259. The post Questions Wichita Reverend Kevass Harding Will Not Answer asks a few that the Reverend won’t answer, even though posed by one of his constituents.

Stay Red Kansas has been unusually quiet.

At Neighborhood Watch Watch, commentary on how the tobacco settlement money was spent in Government again blowing smoke up your…

The Voice For Liberty in Wichita was a little subdued this week as its author (me) recovered from a summertime cold. I did make it downtown to deliver this testimony: Downtown Wichita Arena TIF District.

Wichita Eagle reporter Brent Wistrom contributes the blog post Not so fast: Old Town TIF district stays open. I wonder what is the criteria for for something being a post on the Eagle’s blog Wichitopekington or a story in the printed newspaper (the “dead tree” version)? Either way, I’m glad we have more reporting like this.

Mr. Wistrom also contributes Pat Salerno reappears as a city manager candidate in Florida. This is an article I’m sure Wichita City Council members are glad didn’t appear on the front page of the Eagle.

Boyda Bloc, having fussed incessantly over the Republican party primary for the Kansas second district house of representatives, can now focus on the Republican candidate: Lynn Jenkins.

The anonymous Left Brain Kansas contributes some post-primary election analysis.

A non-political blog I enjoy my subscription to in Google Reader is Wichita KS Daily Photo. It’s fun to get a new photo of Wichita nearly every day.


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  1. parkay

    Of course, the drive-by media reports that Phill Kline does all the negative campaigning, and gets all the out-of-state money – never the leftists who sold out to the abortion mills and the nationwide abortion lobby, and call the conservatives incompetent would-be KKK members.

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