Sedgwick County delinquent taxes, the useful version

The Wichita Eagle has devoted newsprint to deliver the data, and you can obtain it as pdf on your computer, too. Neither of these options for delivering the Sedgwick County delinquent tax list for 2012 is very useful.

I’ve created a Google Docs sheet that holds this data. You can access it below, but it’s probably best to open it in a new window by clicking here. There are three tabs: an introduction, the data, and a pivot table that summarizes the data. Have fun.


  • Great list Bob. This is a lot handier than the county’s version. I’m glad that it was accessible and usable this morning. I tried yesterday and got some sort of google error message.

  • Thanks for doing all that legwork! Do you have current years in google docs as well?

    Thanks again!

  • Trying to find out the % charged for delinquent sales taxes in Sedgwick county, I was told they owed for at least three years?

    Where would I find this information and the amount they owed?

    Thanks for any information given


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