Sedgwick County meeting video, not for everyone


Trying to view video of Sedgwick County Commission meetings could be frustrating for many citizens.

Sedgwick County video 2014-12-27Viewing video of meetings of the Sedgwick County Commission could be difficult unless you use a specific web browser. Viewing the video — either live or of past meetings — requires Windows Media Player. The problem is that support for this is not built in to some web browsers. Following are results from trying to view meeting video using the three most popular browsers using a Windows PC:

Google Chrome: “Microsoft® Windows Media Player™ is required to view this video.” Clicking on the Download and Install now” button takes you to a generic page at Microsoft that doesn’t seem to be of immediate help.

Firefox: Same message as Chrome.

Internet Explorer: It worked.

Using an IPhone, the video could not be viewed using either the Safari or Chrome browsers.

It is not possible to download the video to a computer for viewing.

There are a number of ways to measure the market share for different browsers, and results vary upon methodology used. But Internet Explorer is on a downward trajectory and is not used by anywhere near a majority of internet users, especially when mobile use is counted. At Voice for Liberty, Internet Explorer is used by about 19 percent of visitors.


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