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  • In the world of chemical security, the real world

    A post on a blog sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers explains a few of the problems with the proposed Chemical facility anti-terrorism standards legislation now making its way through Congress. One of the issues mentioned in the post In the World of Chemical Security, the Real World is the threat of excessive litigation.

  • Congress could give government bureaucrats more control of farms and industry

    The Kansas Meadowlark blog has a detailed post that explains some of the harm to agriculture that proposed legislation — Chemical facility anti-terrorism standards — could cause. The post also contains a section of helpful related links. Click on Congress could give government bureaucrats more control of farms and industry to read.

  • Current chemical security regulations should be reauthorized

    Currently two committees in the United States House of Representatives are considering legislation that would harm a vital American industry. This industry is already regulated, and the regulations have accomplished their goal.

  • Chemical security act would harm business, farmers

    The Kansas Meadowlark contributes coverage about a chemical security law that promises to overburden an important American industry. Even the family farm is at risk. That’s the operative word — risk. As has been reported, Congressional testimony found that the legislation could actually increase risk to the businesses that the bill intends to protect. To…

  • Chemical security act could affect Wichita water rates

    The United States Congress is considering legislation that aims to increase the security of America’s chemical industry to terrorism threats. The legislation, if passed, would require chemical companies to substitute government-mandated processes and technology for their current processes. The post Chemical security law goes beyond protection explains more about this legislation. Even places that we…

  • Let representatives know about Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Act

    As reported in this website, Congress is considering legislation that threatens to harm the American economy, while at the same time accomplishing little or none of its stated goals. Articles like Chemical Facility Security Authorization Act threatens American economy give more detail. It’s important to let your elected representatives in Washington know how harmful this…

  • Chemical facilities act would increase cost, not safety

    As reported earlier, the United States Congress is considering legislation — the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards — that will increase regulation on chemical plants and facilities. The proposed legislation, however, would extend government control into another of our nation’s most important industries. It would require companies to change their manufacturing processes and substitute products in…

  • Chemical Facility Security Authorization Act threatens American economy

    Earlier this week I reported on legislation being considered by Congress that would, under the lofty goal of national security, impose a huge burden on the American chemical industry. (Chemical security law goes beyond protection) Our agricultural industries need to be concerned, too. The article Homeland Security To Regulate Farm and Ranch Inputs? details some…