Tag: Elections

  • Moran poll indicates big lead in Kansas Senate race

    A poll in the race for the Republican Party nomination for United States Senate from Kansas conducted on behalf of the Jerry Moran campaign shows him leading his chief rival, Todd Tiahrt, by a large margin.

  • Kansas first Congressional district poll shows little change

    KWCH Television in Wichita and SurveyUSA have released a poll of voter opinion of candidates for the Republican party nomination for United States Congress from the first district of Kansas. As was the case in the most recent poll, three candidates have broken away from the pack. The difference between the candidates is within the…

  • KNEA, Kansas teachers union, makes endorsements

    The Kansas National Education Association (KNEA, the teachers union) has released the list of candidates it is endorsing in the August 3rd Kansas primary election. If you’re thinking about using the teachers union as a source of voting recommendations, you ought to familiarize yourself with the teachers union and its activities. Then you can decide…

  • Kansas voter registration deadline near

    In Kansas, the deadline to register to vote or to change party affiliation is Monday July 19th. Voters need to register if they have moved or changed names.

  • Sedgwick County Commission Republican candidates to speak

    This Friday (July 16) the Wichita Pachyderm Club will feature Republican candidates for the Sedgwick County Commission. While three positions are open, in one position there is no contest in the Republican primary. In district four, the candidates are Lucy Burtnett and Richard Ranzau. In district five, the candidates are Dion Avello, Jim Skelton, and…

  • Kansas Senate voting records for Barnett and Huelskamp

    Of the candidates seeking the Republican party nomination for United States Congress from the first district of Kansas, two have extensive voting records based on their service in the Kansas Senate. Both candidates — farmer and Kansas Senator Tim Huelskamp of Fowler and physician and Kansas Senator Jim Barnett of Emporia — promote themselves as…

  • In Kansas, government spending is intertwined

    While conservative political candidates talk of reducing spending, the reality is that federal government spending is so intertwined in our lives that spending reductions — much less actual cuts — are almost impossible to fathom.

  • In Kansas, Club for Growth PAC taps Pompeo, Huelskamp

    The Club for Growth is a national organization that advances prosperity and economic growth by promoting economic freedom and limited government. Each year it ranks federal lawmakers on how well they follow these principles on its scorecards. (For a look at how current Kansas Congressman and Senate hopefuls Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran ranked on…

  • Kansas Republican Assembly endorsements announced

    The Kansas Republican Assembly has released its endorsements for federal and state offices. The list of endorsed candidates may be viewed here.