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  • Wichita planning puts freedom, prosperity at risk

    Mr. Mayor, members of the council, I’m here today to ask this council to put aside consideration of this proposal. My reasons are not particular to this proposal or planning firm, but rather I am concerned that we believe we have the ability to successfully plan at all.

  • Kansas protects its gambling interests

    At one time states like Kansas prohibited its citizens from gambling because it was thought to be immoral. That attitude started to change when Kansas allowed a lottery. Now that the state actually owns casinos — that’s right, in Kansas the state owns the casinos that aren’t Indian casinos — thoughts of morality have been…

  • AFP Defending the American Dream summit draws thousands to Washington

    Last Friday and Saturday over two thousand defenders of free markets and capitalism traveled to the Washington area to meet at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Defending the American Dream summit. It was an action-packed two days, so I’ll report on just a few personal highlights.

  • Star Parker delivers message in Wichita

    In an energetic message delivered to an audience at Wichita State University this Monday, author and columnist Star Parker spoke about breaking the cycle of poverty and other issues facing our country. Early in her talk, Parker noted the irony of the welfare office in Washington (the Department of Health and Human Services) being located…

  • Star Parker to deliver message of freedom in Wichita

    Tonight author and columnist Star Parker will deliver a lecture titled “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: From Entitlement to Empowerment.” I spoke by telephone with Parker and asked her to give Wichitans a preview of the topics she’ll address tonight. One topic she said she’ll cover is the notion that people do not have the…

  • Author and columnist Star Parker to speak in Wichita

    An evening with Star Parker Sponsored by Johnny and Marjorie Stevens Lecture: “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: From Entitlement to Empowerment”

  • Milton Friedman on ‘How to Stay Free’ presented in Wichita

    The local chapter of Americans for Prosperity has been screening the PBS television series “Free to Choose.” This series from 1980 features Milton Friedman teaching about the close relationship between human freedom and economic freedom. This week, the series finishes with program ten: “How to Stay Free?”

  • American Liberty Tour stop added in Salina

    It’s coming to Kansas City, and now a stop has been added in Salina.

  • American Liberty Tour to be in Kansas

    To be precise, it will be Kansas City, Missouri, but that’s close enough. This event — American Liberty Tour — is an opportunity to hear some great speakers, get some training, and make new friends. The Kansas City stop is on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009.