Mark Parkinson

Academic Study Challenges Projections of Green Jobs

Global warming alarmists often argue that transforming our economy to reliance on "green" sources of energy is good because millions of jobs will be created. These new green jobs, it is claimed, will drive our economy forward and create wealth. In Kansas, our governor believes in green jobs. She was a keynote speaker at a recent "Good jobs, green jobs" conference. Our likely incoming governor Mark Parkinson speaks the same language. A just-released study from the University of Illinois adds to the critical body of evidence that shows that many of the claims made about green jobs aren't true. From…
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Mark Parkinson, Potential Kansas Governor

A few items, present and past, about Mark Parkinson, who may be the governor of Kansas before long: Parkinson prepares to fill governor role (Wichita Eagle) Parkinson, former GOP rising star in Kansas, could become governor as Democrat. A look at Parkinson and his career by David Klepper of the Kansas City Star. Mark Parkinson Wikipedia entry. At one time this was a fawning testimonial, the background section opening with "A successful businessman and former legislator, Mark is a native Kansan who grew up in Wichita and now resides in Olathe. Mark's family has its roots in Scott City, where…
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