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  • Fake stimulus exposed by Watchdog group

    There’s a new dog in town, and doing a great job already. In New Mexico, the New Mexico Watchdog reported the story More Than 4,800 New Jobs Created in New Mexico in Less than a Month from Stimulus, According to Obama Administration Data, which is apparently the first news story to notice the glaring errors…

  • Stop spending our future

    It’s hard to comprehend the spending by the federal government over the last year. The numbers are so large, the spending programs announced so quickly, one after another, that sometimes we need to step back and take a look at the big picture. When we do, it’s quite terrifying, especially when we realize that the…

  • Wichita school district’s cost-shifting burdens federal coffers

    When USD 259, the Wichita public school district, recently sold some bonds, they took advantage of a new program called Build America Bonds. This program was passed as part of the federal stimulus program earlier this year. The benefit to the Wichita school district is that the federal government will pay 35% of the interest…

  • Wichita school bond sale claims mislead

    In a news release, USD 259, the Wichita public school district, is claiming a huge victory in the first sale of bonds authorized by last year’s election. But if you place the facts in context, with proper background, it turns out the conditions of the sale are quite different from what USD 259 claims.

  • Maybe props are stimulus, too

    The Kansas Meadowlark wonders about construction equipment moved into place apparently just for effect: Tax dollars for props for Biden’s visit to Overland Park? Wasteful spending for Biden to avoid?

  • Stimulus is theft

    In Theft In Name Of Stimulus Is Still Theft, economist Walter E. Williams makes a powerful argument for something that those who love liberty know: self-ownership is the foundation.

  • Myths of Roosevelt and the New Deal presented in Wichita

    Franklin D. Roosevelt’s economic policies during the New Deal years did more harm than good, says historian Burton W. Folsom.

  • AIG hysteria tramples liberty

    The Founding Fathers, who took such deliberate care to preserve personal liberty in our Constitution, would be ashamed by the hysteria and pandering that have consumed Washington, D.C., over bonuses paid to employees of American International Group. There is no justification for rewarding people for failure, but the conduct of elected officials calling for legislative…

  • Wichita Tea Party on Tax Day Flyer

    Susan Estes has created a printable flyer to promote the Wichita tea party protest on tax day, April 15. Click on Wichita Tea Party Planned for Tax Day, April 15 to learn more about the event. Thanks to Susan Estes for creating the flyer, and for the great imagery. It hints of one of the…