Corporations are people, too

“As it turns out, if we tax corporations, we’re not just taxing the rich. We’re taxing everybody.” That’s the conclusion of Steven Horwitz in the following video. He explains that a tax on corporations is not the equivalent of a tax on the wealthy; instead individual people will pay these taxes, regardless of wealth. Working people bear the costs of the corporate income tax.

In summarizing the findings of economists, Horwitz says: “So yes, corporations are indeed comprised of people in the sense that it is individuals who ultimately bear the burden of increased corporate taxation. There is an ongoing debate about who bears that burden and how much. But anyone who thinks that taxing corporations means taxing the rich is fooling themselves. It’s us, actual people, who bear the burden of corporate taxation, not the abstract entity called the corporation.”

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  • This is nothing more than right-wing propaganda. We could easily turn this around and say that Corporations suffer when consumers are taxed: Tax the middle class & upper-middle class and they will have less to spend purchasing the products that those corporations sell, less to invest in the stockmarket to help capitalize corporate expansion, less available cash to drive demand & economic growth!

    The issue here is that we all must contribute a portion of our earnings to underwrite the costs of those essential services that any nation must have to survive and to compete. Our wealthiest corporations can’t be excused from footing the bill when they are taking — huge — advantage of America’s resources, making use of its freedoms and protections, institutions, courts, education & transportation systems,etc…and enormously influencing its politics and policies.

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