Kansas Senator Dick Kelsey Announces for Congress


On Friday Kansas Senator Dick Kelsey announced that he is a candidate for the United States Congress. Kelsey seeks the seat presently held by Todd Tiahrt, who is running for United States Senate. The Wichita Eagle covered the announcement in the story State Sen. Dick Kelsey to run for Tiahrt’s congressional seat.

A question I asked Kelsey afterwards is if Tiahrt will endorse a successor. Kelsey said that he doesn’t believe Tiahrt will make an endorsement, and he doesn’t think he should. Tiahrt, he said, needs every friend he can get in his run for the Senate.

What about the primary between Tiahrt and Jerry Moran? Many Republicans want to avoid this primary. Kelsey said that a positive primary will not hurt, and in response to my suggestion, said that a spending limit would be great.


2 responses to “Kansas Senator Dick Kelsey Announces for Congress”

  1. Roger

    Sen. Dick Kelsey is an idiot and needs to be kicked out of office!

  2. Judy Goodpasture

    Dear Senator Kelsey:

    I am writing to ask you to oppose Gov. Brownback’s proposal to eliminate funding for the Kansas Arts Commission. This proposal is a “penny-wise and pound-foolish” one, for the results would severely cripple numerous arts organizations across our state and end others, besides denying our state access to matching funds scheduled to come into the Kansas economy through the NEA and other federal grants.

    Please remember that small arts organizations are small businesses! In my home community of Wichita and Sedgwick County, according to a recent study by Americans for the Arts, these small arts businesses account for 1500 full-time equivalent jobs and more than $49,000,000. for our local economy. We need the services provided by these small businesses, and we need the economic impetus they provide.

    If we want to let small businesses help turn around our economic crisis, it makes sense to support funding for the Kansas Arts Commission. Remember that the primary mission of KAC is to assist small arts organizations (i.e. businesses) throughout our state with direct funding, education, and advocacy efforts.

    Please vote to reinstate funding for the Kansas Arts Commission. Your support will mean a brighter future for small and large arts businesses across our state.


    Judy Goodpasture

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