Another unlikely Lavonta Williams voter

Today’s Wichita Eagle contains a story that provides some detail behind something readers of this blog already knew. The Eagle story Campaign mailer listed endorsement from dead man tells how Val Jackson, a prominent Wichita businessman who died in 2002, came to be listed as someone who will be voting for Lavonta Williams.

Sharp-eyed readers who received that mailing might notice another name that doesn’t belong in a list of those who will be voting for Lavonta Williams: John Kemp.

A look at the voter file shows there’s no one with a name close to this registered to vote in district 1.

There is, however, a John Kemp active in city politics in his role as a member of a District Advisory Board. But he lives in and serves on the DAB for district 3.

Since he doesn’t live in Williams’ district, it’s hard to see how he’ll be voting for her.

While it would be easy to brush off these mistakes as trivial, this sloppiness in Williams’ campaign material is the same sloppiness we’ve become accustomed to in city hall. Whether intentional or not, it’s a cause for concern.

It further raises the issue of who is really pulling the strings on the Williams campaign team. Is it the candidate herself, or her advisors such as Beth King, with ties to those who seek subsidy from Wichita city hall? The post Williams — King — Minnesota Guys connection raises concern supplies details of one such connection.


  • Geeeeezzzzzz, Bob. You’re really reaching. So only people who live in a council person’s district should be allowed to contribute or support a candidate? Does Barfed’s treasurer Darrell Leffew live in District 1? Do you?

  • I have not seen the campaign literature to understand whether it talks to “people who will vote for Williams” or “people who support Williams”. The point is not important. What is important is that both Pat and Lonnie continue to support candidates that are part of the problem and not the solution. Wichita deserves better.

  • Cybex, the point Bob was making has nothing to do with campaign literature, but rather that someone outside District 1 was supporting Williams. I’m merely making the point, “B i g D e a l”.

    Lastly, you have no idea who I support or don’t support.

  • What’s really annoying is when people like Pat don’t even read before blasting off at the mouth.

    The author of this post didn’t emphasize it, but it says ‘list of those who will be voting for Lavonta Williams.’

    VOTING! Get it?

  • My pamphlet states, “Join us in voting WILLIAMS on April 7”. Which happens to be my birthday. I do support candidates that are spending the most time working with citizens and listening to them. The part time council members with other jobs just don’t get as much done.

  • Oh, yes, Lonny. We wouldn’t want people who work at jobs where they actually have to compete in the real world to represent us, the working people.

  • Ms. Williams supported giving $9.2 million tax dollars away to the “Minn. Boys” in the same month the City Council announced pay freezes, and hiring freezes for City employees. Now I am sure that the City employees were more than happy to give their cost of living raises up so that the Minn. Boys could make an extra $9.2 million on another Sweetheart
    Downtown Deal. And I am sure that the public doesn’t mind having the fire stations undermanned so the Minn. Boys can have a free parking garage. But just in case you didn’t notice I mind.

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