Discussion on Ambassador Hotel tax issue to be this Friday


This Friday (February 3, 2012) the Wichita Pachyderm Club, as part of its regular Friday luncheon series of educational meetings, will conduct a public forum on the February 28th Wichita city election. The subject of the election is a Wichita city charter ordinance that rebates 75 percent of the Ambassador Hotel’s guest tax collection back to the hotel.

John Todd, Vice-President of the Pachyderm Club and in charge of programs, issued invitations to representatives of both sides of the issue. The group Tax Fairness for All Wichitans, of which Todd is part of the leadership team, accepted and is sending Bob Weeks to represent the group.

Todd contacted Paul Coury, one of the developers of the Ambassador Hotel, but he would not appear. David Burk, who is also part of the development group and who has represented the project before the Wichita City Council, also declined.

The Wichita Downtown Development Corporation and the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, while supporting the “Vote Yes” side of the issue, also declined to send someone to speak for the “Vote Yes” campaign. Sheila Tigert, who appears to be managing the “Vote Yes” campaign, also declined to attend or send a representative.

Separate appeals have been made to city council members, Mayor Brewer, and the city manager to send someone to represent the “Vote Yes” side of the issue.

Todd says that democracy is best served when representatives from both sides of an issue participate. He says the invitation to the “Vote Yes” side of the issue is still open. He may be contacted at john@johntodd.net or at 316-312-7335.

The Pachyderm Club is a Republican club. The Wichita branch is notable for the diversity of speakers and educational programs it presents.

The Wichita Pachyderm Club meets at noon Fridays in the Wichita Petroleum Club, on the ninth floor of the Bank of America Center at Douglas and Broadway. The public and news media are invited and encouraged to attend. Video and audio recording are permitted. The program costs $10, which includes lunch and beverage.


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  1. BK

    What about asking a Republican council member who is supporting this project?

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