Downtown Wichita attraction attendance


Attendance at downtown Wichita attractions presented in an interactive visualization.

The Source of data is Visit Wichita Convention & Visitors Bureau as presented in State of Downtown Reports published by

Click here to access the visualization.

Example from the visualization. Click for larger.


One response to “Downtown Wichita attraction attendance”

  1. Wendy Mertens

    Why Not just tears down all the buildings the city owns. Who needs a skyline anyway? Come on Wichita Century two is the Icon of Wichita. Build up do not tear down.
    The City tore down Lawrence Dumont without even having a signed contract with the new team. What else are you willing to destroy? We do not want to be like Detroit eventually.
    Our City is Amazing. Stop selling property for a Dollar. Just makes me think that You are lining your pockets with selling of our cities resources.

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