Late Changes Don’t Inspire Confidence in Wichita Government


At today’s Wichita City Council meeting, Councilmember Jim Skelton revealed that the plan for the downtown Wichita arena TIF district had changed. A provision for up to $10 million in parking was added.

I had looked at the agenda report less than 24 hours before the start of the meeting. The plan for parking spending was not mentioned. I looked right now, and yes, it’s there.

There’s a problem when things change so quickly. Citizens can’t prepare themselves on such short notice. That’s a problem for openness and transparency in government.

This problem is in addition to the apparent uncertainty as to what’s needed for this TIF district to succeed.

The TIF district passed, with all city council members voting in favor.


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  2. Steve

    Mayor Brewer and the Council operate in secrecy and often in violation of the open meetings law. The City attorney is aware of these issues but looks the other way. Nothing will change as long as the citizens continue to elect these people.

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