What? Wichita’s Air Service Subsidy Isn’t Working?


Recently a travel and tourism expert visited Wichita and said (and I hesitate to repeat his exact words on this family-oriented blog) “Your air service sucks.”

(See Tourism expert has frank tips for Kansas.)

I’m more than a little distressed to hear that. Right now we spend $6.5 million per year in subsidy to low-cost airlines in order to reduce airfares and improve service to and from Wichita. Is this subsidy not working?


One response to “What? Wichita’s Air Service Subsidy Isn’t Working?”

  1. A liberal so called “Tourist Expert” called the shots on if the subsidies are working for Mid-Continent?

    No! It was a direct arrogant condescending remark against Wichita, because if you are not from NYC, you’re a redneck.

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