Wichita airport flights have declined


Supporters of the Kansas Affordable Airfares program use as evidence the program is working a claim that the number of available flights at the Wichita airport (ICT) has increased. But the evidence shows this is not the case.

The two charts below measure the number of available flights in Wichita in different ways, but both have one thing in common: the number of flights at the Wichita airport is on a downward trend.

Wichita airport monthly flightsMonthly flights at the Wichita airport.
Wichita airport daily departuresDaily departures from the Wichita airport, not including weekends.


2 responses to “Wichita airport flights have declined”

  1. bman

    I believe air traffic is down everywhere because of the price, the hassle, the economy, and the TSA.

  2. Ictator

    With the number of flights declining, why is the city discussing spending hundreds of millions of dollars for a airport remodeling? The Airport board and the city keep talking about an expansion while the number of flights declines.

    I agree with bman about the increasing hassles about flying in this rotten economy.

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