Wichita checkbook updated


Wichita spending data presented as a summary, and as a list.

As part of an ongoing transparency project, I asked the City of Wichita for check register data. I’ve made the data available in a visualization using Tableau Public. This visualization is updated with data through August 13, 2019.

Of note, the city does not make this data available on its website.

To learn more about this data and use the visualization, click here.

Example from the visualization. Click for larger.


One response to “Wichita checkbook updated”

  1. Anonymous

    The #1 worst expense on that list is Visit Wichita. If you look at Travel trade magazines around the state (Salina, Garden City ect.) You see no adds for Wichita all $50,000,000 goes to promote pet projects like the latest BOONDOGGLE, “baby Cakes Ball Park. Is there really one person in Wichita that believes the thing will bring ONE tourist here? It also is used to promote weekly downtown events to steal business from local businesses that have paid taxes for decades, and the thankyou we get is competition from our own local government.
    Looks like construction companies are getting rich on the taxpayers dime

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