Wichita city council should not accept raise


That Wichita City Council members are even considering giving themselves pay raises is astounding, to say the least (June 3 Local & State). This city has millions of dollars in debt to pay off; nearly 30 percent of this year’s budget will go toward servicing debt. City Council members must ask themselves if now is really the time for them to be accepting pay raises, given the current status of the city’s budget.

I commend council members Michael O’Donnell and Janet Miller for publicly stating they will not be taking the proposed pay raises. It’s important for our elected officials to lead by example, and I thank the council members who recognize that.

Susan Estes
Field director
Americans for Prosperity-Kansas


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  1. Anonymous

    Collectively they earned $36,330.70 last year… Small potatoes not even worth the symbolism. imhoe

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