Wichita economic growth, compared


Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition

How does economic growth in Wichita compare to the state and nation? Use the interactive visualization below, or click here to view in a window by itself.

This interactive visualization presents the GDP (gross domestic product) produced by the private sector and the government sector, for three different geographies. I use the Wichita metropolitan statistical area, as that data available is from the Bureau of Economic Statistics. I present the data indexed with 2001 values set to 100. This lets us see the relative growth for each data series. Some data is available through 2011, but some only through 2010.

Here are some things you can notice by using the checkboxes to turn on and off various data series, or by clicking on the color legends to highlight a series:

For the Wichita MSA, government has grown more rapidly than the private sector.

The Wichita MSA private sector has grown more slowly then both the Kansas and U.S. private sectors.

The Wichita MSA government sector has grown faster than both the Kansas and US government sectors.

Would you say that the economic development efforts of Wichita and Sedgwick County have been successful?


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