Wichita employment trends by industry


Here’s an interactive visualization of employment in Wichita by industry. Employment in some industries rises over time, and in others it falls. Government employment has generally grown, and rapidly.

Explore the data yourself by using the visualization below, or click here to open it in a new window, which may work better for some people. Data is from Bureau of Labor Statistics. Visualization created by myself using Tableau Public.


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  1. Cybex

    When Mayor Brewer took over as Mayor in 2007 unemployment in Wichita was under 4%, but over the past 6 years his leadership failures has eroded our tax base and destroyed our work force. Under his reign, there are less high paying manufacturing jobs; more $8 hr telemarketing jobs: more cronyism, and less transparency than ever before. His inept leadership has made a few downtown friends very wealthy, but his legacy will be the lousy economy which he helped to create.

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