Wichita facade improvement plan updated


Wichita’s facade improvement plan has recently been updated. The updated plan isn’t yet available on the city’s website, so I’ve included it at the end of this article.

This is the plan under which a local business, Delano Barbeque Partners, LLC, is likely to receive a grant of $20,000. See Wichita to consider grant to business for more. So far that business has not returned telephone calls asking for information about its application.

It appears that this grant program is an entitlement, in that if a business meets specified criteria, it will receive a grant. No consideration is given to the economic worthiness or need of each applicant, or to the effect that this has on the citizens and taxpayers of Wichita.

Programs like this are government planning. It’s our city government saying that investment in certain areas of town are more desired than investment in other parts of town. Since people aren’t investing enough to fulfill the city’s plan, the city must correct this alleged market failure by giving gifts of taxpayer money.

This type of centralized government planning is an affront to freedom, liberty, and capitalism. It’s a slap in the face to those who have invested according to their own wants and needs, rather than satisfying the needs of politicians and bureaucrats.

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  1. James

    Former Mayor Carlos Mayans warned the citizens of Wichita of the consequences (corruption, favoritism) of electing Carl Brewer as Mayor of Wichita. Unemployment has more than doubled; new job creation is a negative number; the City internet project is dead; the budget has increased by 25%; the Mayor’s travel budget is being used for personal vacations; large conventions have canceled Wichita as their venue; and certain developers and friends are reaping the benefits of their contributions. The media will continue to give this Mayor and the Council a “pass” on their incompetence because that is how we like our elected officials.

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