Wichita political endorsements from the other side


A recent mailing by Wichita city council candidate Lavonta Williams contains an endorsement that seems a bit implausible.

I don’t know anything about the politics of Val Jackson, a prominent Wichita businessman who, in Williams’ recent mailer, is listed under the heading “Join us in voting WILLIAMS on April 7.”

But I do know he died in 2002.


9 responses to “Wichita political endorsements from the other side”

  1. James

    Oh man, that is just too funny!

  2. billy

    they were twins misstake happen

  3. billy

    sorry mispelled a word

  4. Val at Vlahala

    What? Who said I was Dead? I’m still cashing my Social Security Checks!

  5. Val at Valhalla

    I mispelled a word too! (only a dweller in Valhalla would know).

  6. LonnythePlumber

    What! Dead people can’t vote anymore? What about their rights? HA

  7. This is too funny.

  8. Val at Valhalla

    Oh. Now I know why she ordered that absentee ballot for me. …this is all starting to draw a picture … no! no! it can’t be so!

  9. […] this too much, as these cases are not in the same league as listing an endorsement from a dead man (Wichita political endorsements from the other side and Campaign mailer listed endorsement from dead man […]

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