Wichita water and sewer rates proposed to rise

At its Tuesday December 1, 2015 meeting the Wichita City Council is scheduled to consider new water and sewer rates. The following table from the agenda packet shows the proposed changes for different classes of customers.

Wichita Combined Monthly Water and Sewer Bills for 2016
Wichita Combined Monthly Water and Sewer Bills for 2016. Click for larger version.

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  • Isn’t the percentage increase here about the same as the proposed increases in the mayor and city council members salaries?

    I noticed that my city property tax bill went up this year. Even though the mill levy increase was small, it was still an increase since I was fortunate, and my home’s valuation was unchanged this year.

    I remember our local liberal news media claiming that the next city budget, “..did not raise the mill levy.” Yeah, right #%@$!. Now the utility rates continue to rise too.

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