Wichita’s Naysayers Shortchanged in Council’s Record


On August 12, 2008, the Wichita City Council considered the establishment of a TIF district that would benefit Reverend Kevass Harding and his real estate development team. At the council meeting Reverend Harding spoke, and then John Todd spoke, and then myself. We all spoke for, I would guess, roughly the same amount of time.

On Monday August 18 I looked at the city’s website to read the minutes from that meeting. I printed the part of the minutes that covered this item. My printout may be seen in this image. But you don’t need to look at the printout to see what concerns me:

Reverend Harding’s remarks are covered using about 227 words in the minutes.

John’s remarks are covered using 24 words.

Mine are covered using 11 words.

Why the discrepancy? The mayor calls John and I “naysayers.” It is as simple, and as blatant, as that?

(John’s testimony may be read in the post Testimony Opposing Tax Increment Financing for the Ken Mar Redevelopment Project, and mine may be read in Reverend Kevass Harding’s Wichita TIF District: A Bad Deal in Several Ways. I make these remarks available on this website before I deliver my testimony, and I email notice of its posting to all council members plus a few other people at city hall.)

Even more curious, after we three testified, Mayor Carl Brewer delivered his “covered wagon” speech. You can read my transcription of it in Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, August 12, 2008, and some commentary in Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer Saves Us From Covered Wagons.

But nowhere in the minutes is it recorded that the mayor spoke, much less what he spoke about.

Then, even more curious, the minutes of this meeting are not available on the city council’s website today (Wednesday August 20, 2008). The minutes of the August 5 meeting are missing, too. A short while ago I wrote and asked for an explanation.

August 21, 2008 update: The missing city council minutes have been located. I forgot that they’ve been moved. The page Council Meetings Video On Demand is where minutes may be found.


2 responses to “Wichita’s Naysayers Shortchanged in Council’s Record”

  1. Richard

    Mayor Brewer doesn’t take criticism of his reign very well. In addition, since he talks in circles, it is difficult to ascertain what he is talking about. There is no substance to this guy, but the media and the communication department at the City will continue to protect him and diminish dissent.

  2. Rothbard

    I tend to agree with Richard regarding the missing Brewer statement. I know I would be embarrassed to have made such a ridiculous argument.

    As to the minimalist summary of the statements by Weeks and Todd, the city clearly doesn’t want any more tax slaves exposed to those lines of thought.

    Some of the local taxing authorities aren’t very transparent; more like a murky, cloudy, cesspool.

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