Flunked the Movie Coming to Wichita!


Up through 4th grade, American students are above-average when tested against students of other nations. After that, they begin a steady decline to the point where, by the 12th grade, American students are down near the bottom.

Something is wrong in American education.

Flunked went out and found some teachers who are doing something about it…

Citizens for Better Education, along with the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy and Americans for Prosperity, is sponsoring a free screening of Flunked the Movie.

This screening is on Wednesday, October 8. A reception with free concessions and cash bar will be held at 5:00 pm at the grand historic Orpheum Theater (First and Broadway in downtown Wichita), followed by the movie at 6:00 pm and a Q&A session with producer Steve Maggi at 6:45 pm.

Click here to go to the Flint Hills website and make your reservation for this free event.

Complaining about the problem is easy, but it produces few productive results — especially when any schools nationwide are truly “getting it right.” Flunked is the story of these schools — their founders, leaders, and students — who are breaking the mediocre mold by attaining great results in terms of college preparation, high test scores, and graduating competent workers for tomorrow’s economy. Discovering that one size truly does not fit all, they are finding different ways to make it work in their area, with their students.

Watch the movie’s trailer by clicking below:


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    I saw the movie, great ideas!

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