Wichita School Bond at the Football Game: The Video


Friday night a friend and I attended the Wichita Heights at Northwest high school football game. We found out it’s pretty hard to get into the game without being exposed to a variety of “informational” presentations regarding the bond issue.

I use the term informational in quotes because these presentations are made in a way so as to place the bond issue in the best possible light. No balance is present in these pieces.

Also, we asked a few students and other people some questions about the bond issue. Some of the responses are revealing. Students know there’s something going on with the number 25% that is displayed on buttons worn prominently by many USD 259 staff, but they couldn’t tell us the number means.

The Wichita School Bond Issue channel at YouTube holds these videos.

It’s hard to get a ticket to the football game without being informed about the Wichita school bond issue. Click below to see.


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