Kansas school spending


New data for spending in Kansas schools is available.

Through its Data Central section, Kansas State Department of Education has made spending figures available for the school year ending in spring 2017, or the fiscal 2017 school year.

These are amounts per pupil, adjusted for inflation to 2016 dollars, showing change from 2016 to 2017.

State aid: $8,613 to $8,714
Federal aid: $1,058 to $1,082
Local: $3,460 to 3,441
Total: $13,144 to $13,326

In 2015 there was a shift in the way state and local figures are allocated, so it’s important to look at state and local spending as a sum. This figure increased from $12,073 to $12,155.

In the charts below, state and local total spending, per pupil, adjusted for inflation, has been remarkably level since 2013. At the same time, schools are telling us spending has been slashed.

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3 responses to “Kansas school spending”

  1. Nick

    Is this a case where it can be refuted due to some change in how pension funding is included in the figures? I’ve heard this argument in many instances to dismiss the total numbers at times.

  2. No, I don’t think these numbers can be dismissed or refuted based on KPERS payments. Here are two resources. In the first, you’ll find this quote:

    “According to Dale Dennis [Deputy Commissioner at Kansas State Department of Education and head of Fiscal and Administrative Services], KPERS funding was last sent directly to KPERS in 2004; it has since been sent directly to school districts included in reported school funding totals.”



  3. ictator

    The charts refute the lies told by the government school spending advocates, the KS Supreme Court, and their news media allies. The “cuts” are largely fictional statewide. Perhaps their might be some reduction in districts where enrollment is dramatically lower. This is part of the Orwellian “big lie,” that dominates KS state government.

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