Kansas school standards have changed


At a time when Kansas was spending more on schools due to an order from the Kansas Supreme Court, the state lowered its standards for schools. This video uses the “Mapping State Proficiency Standards Onto the NAEP Scales” report from the National Center for Education Statistics to show what Kansas has done to its educational standards. View below, or click here to view on YouTube, which may work better in some cases.

For background on this issue, see Kansas has lowered its school standards and More evidence of low Kansas school standards.

Other relevant articles include Kansas needs truth about schools, Kansas school superintendents defend low standards, and Kansas school test scores, in perspective.


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  2. Charlotte Foster

    Our Wichita high school graduates should have to take the GED test before they can get a diploma. I said that once to Barbara Fuller and she said, “They can do better than that.” I would like to see. I feel like high school diplomas are just a piece of paper as far as some students are concerned.

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