Kathy Cook of Kansas Families for Education: ‘Do as I say, please’


At the federal level, we’ve seen a few examples of big-taxing Democrats who don’t pay their own taxes. Some of this might be explained by the complexity of the federal tax code.

But local property taxes are pretty easy to handle. There’s no return to file. The county sends you a bill, and you pay.

That is, unless you’re one of Kansas’ most vocal advocates for higher government school taxing and spending. That’s the case with Kathy Cook, executive director of Kansas Families for Education. This is a follow-on organization from Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE).

Here’s what a Kansas state senator had to say about Ms. Cook and her property taxes:

Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE) is one such “new” group in Kansas. … Their web site is very clear: “It is our intention to hold ALL elected Kansas State officials accountable for their actions, or lack of actions, regarding the adequate funding of public schools in Kansas.” One of their founders and their current PAC treasurer, a certain Kathy Cook of Johnson County, was quoted in the Topeka Capitol Journal as saying, “We want to send a message to the legislators and the leaders of the House and the Senate to let them know that there is support for increasing revenues.”

What isn’t clear is something that the media has neglected to print. This Kathy Cook, a principal KFUPE founder, is continually delinquent on paying her own taxes. Apparently Cook owed over $3,000.00 in real estate taxes and interest, and had been given notice multiple times.

One reporter apparently did confront Cook with this information. Instead of paying her delinquent tax bill, she instead threatened to sue the reporter personally if the information was published. Her intimidation and threatening behavior worked. The story was never published.

I don’t want to pile on too much, but here’s more:

Citizens for Education And a Strong Economy (CEASE), recently uncovered that Kathy Cook, Chairman of Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE), has failed to pay property taxes on her home in Shawnee, KS. … “Kathy Cook, co-founder of Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE), has been calling for higher taxes to fund schools. Yet, she won’t even pay her own”, said Kevin Drew, Chairman of CEASE. … CEASE checked with the Johnson County Treasurer’s Office, which verified that Ms. Cook owes over $3,000.00 in real estate taxes and interest, and has been given notice multiple times. There is no appraisal protest on file with the county. The taxes are simply delinquent. … Marie Curry, Treasurer of CEASE, stated, “How supportive is she of the schools, when she refuses to contribute her own money? Actions speak louder than words. Ms. Cook’s actions speak volumes.”

Besides this credibility gap, KFUPE was also incredulous in some other ways. My post Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE) on State Aid to Schools demonstrates one such case.

I’m starting to understand why KFUPE changed its name to Kansas Families for Education. Given the lack of credibility of its organizational predecessor, this was probably a wise move.

But why is Kathy Cook, agitator for higher taxes she doesn’t always pay, the executive director of this new group? She still has the same credibility problems.


5 responses to “Kathy Cook of Kansas Families for Education: ‘Do as I say, please’”

  1. Wichitator

    Another left wing tax hypocrite. One of KPUFE’s leaders does not pay her property taxes but insists that everyone else should pay more. What an outrage.

    The government school spending lobby insists on preserving their expensive monopoly but one of their leading spokespersons does not even pay her taxes. This is a Kansas example of the left wing fiscal hypocrites. This is a local example coming out from the spending audacity of dopes boondoggling in DC.

  2. Kansas Observer

    Where is the local news media on this story? I’ll bet that if Phill Kline had not paid his property taxes, it would have been front page news.

    Oh wait, this was a left wing liberal. They can do no wrong since they always have “good intentions,” so they get a KS news media pass.

  3. Out Raged

    Time to pony up Kathy!

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