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Obama’s Radicalism Is Killing the Dow: A financial crisis is the worst time to change the foundations of American capitalism (Michael J. Boskin in the Wall Street Journal, by way of the Hoover Institution). “It’s hard not to see the continued sell-off on Wall Street and the growing fear on Main Street as a product, at least in part, of the realization that our new president’s policies are designed to radically re-engineer the market-based U.S. economy, not just mitigate the recession and financial crisis.” Starting wth overly-optimistic forecasts, President Obama’s budget has many problems. It does, however, dramatically expand the role of government, and that may be its true aim.

New projections suggest Sebelius’ cuts not enough to balance the budget (Kansas Liberty) “New budget projections developed by Kansas Legislative Research may force legislators to either make deeper spending cuts, including possible education funding cuts, or raise taxes to ensure the state’s budget is balanced at the end of FY 2010. The new projections, unveiled late Wednesday, showed that spending cuts and other adjustments recommended by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will not produce a balanced budget after all.” This is not too surprising, as the economy continues to deteriorate. The fact that Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius produces budget that don’t reflect economic reality is to be expected. See Kansas Governor Not Facing Reality of Budget Crisis.

Are the ‘ethics charges’ against Kline a justice’s revenge? (Kansas Liberty) No ethics complaint, no charges, no complainant, no time frame — does this add up to revenge by Kansas Supreme Court Justice Carol A. Beier? Freelance journalist Bud Norman‘s first piece for Kansas Liberty explains.

Where the Obesity Grows (Washington Post) George F. Will explains the problems that corn has caused for the American diet. Does the fact that Iowa plays an important role in presidential politics (through its early caucus) have anything to do with this? Now Iowa’s former governor is secretary of agriculture.

Mystery surrounds release of letter from Kansas Attorney Disciplinary Administrator (Kansas Meadowlark) Intrigue surrounds former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline. Earl Glynn explains, but tells how he was stymied in his attempt to obtain documents.


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