The Wichita School Bond Yard Sign Never Used


Wichitans may remember that the upcoming election on November 4 regarding a bond issue for USD 259, the Wichita school district bond issue, isn’t the first time this year that this matter was to be voted on.

Originally the Wichita school board passed a resolution setting May 6 as the date for the election. But at the request of a citizens group, the board canceled that election.

We may never know why the board canceled the May 6 election. They did so, however, without regard for effort and expense their political opponents had already expended, the yard sign illustrated above being one example.

Wichitans can spot foul play when they see it. Not only does the Wichita school district have nearly unlimited taxpayer resources to expend in a thinly-disguised educational and informational effort that has all the characteristics of a political campaign except one: the explicit appeal to vote a certain way, which Kansas law prohibits. The school board can also change the election calendar if they think they’re getting beat.

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