Some Articles Worth Reading


Making Social Security More Harmful. From the Foundation for Economic Education. “Consider first that ever since Social Security was enacted in 1935 Americans have been told that their ‘contributions’ are being deposited into their own account to pay for their retirement benefits. … The other fraudulent claim made about Social Security (again, from the very beginning of the program) is that employees pay only half the cost, with employers paying the other half.”

Banking Without Regulation. Another fine article from FEE. Could banking be done without regulation? It has been done in the past.

The Election Choice: Unions. “Obama’s pro-union agenda is the most ambitious in decades.”

Labor Unions Prolonged the Depression. Obama wants a new Wagner Act. “As Amity Shlaes observed in her recent history of the Great Depression, ‘The Forgotten Man,’ within a few months after the Wagner Act was upheld, industrial production began to plummet and “the jobs started to disappear, with unemployment moving back to 1931 levels,” even as the number of workers under union control was ‘growing astoundingly.’”

Money For Nothing. “The urge to spend lavishly on schools is part of the Democratic Party’s DNA. But fatter budgets would not be balanced by accountability, higher standards or parental choice.”


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