Wichita School Bond Issue Passes


The Wichita school district has assured citizens that everything in this bond issue is for student achievement. I hope for the sake of Wichita’s schoolchildren that the bond accomplishes what its supporters have promised.

Our community now has an additional financial burden to bear in this uncertain economic climate. In addition, the district must also figure out how to pay for the increased operating budgets that will accompany the new facilities. The State of Kansas must figure out how to raise the 25% that it must pay. This will be a challenge, as our state is facing a mounting fiscal crisis.

Wichitans must hope the the school board and administration are able to fulfill the large promise they have made. This is especially important as passage of this bond issue makes it less likely that Wichita will consider the types of education reform measures that are successful in many parts of the country, but are not available in Wichita.


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  1. Nathan

    More money will not solved the ills of our public educational system. Most public school students can not spell “redistribution” of wealth.

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