The conflict view creates barriers


In Barriers Broken?, Lew Rockwell takes a look at what barriers have been broken with the election of Barack Obama.

Conflict is the critical word here, for the conflict view of society is what is really behind the hysterical claims that Obama’s real contribution is to have broken through barriers. … What is the alternative to the conflict view? It is the old liberal view of how the social order works. There is a harmony of interests in society in which people cooperate and exchange without the aid of an outside, all-controlling, leviathan state. Society contains within itself the capacity for self-management. Another way to put this view is that the free society works. Sadly, this view is not held by either the right or the left in our political culture.


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  1. George

    Obama is not an African-American so he has not broken any barriers within the American legacy of slavery. His socialist views will create more problems than solutions.

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