Obama’s tax increase on tires


There’s a reason why some news is released on Friday night. Those making the news hope it won’t be noticed.

That’s probably why the Obama Administration waited until then to inform the country that it was imposing a tariff on tires imported from China. This tariff will probably protect some American jobs, but it will increase the cost of tires.

Lew Rockwell, in a post on his blog on the Obama tire tariff, is as plain as can be:

“To stem the alarming availability of inexpensive tires to American consumers in a depression, and to reward overpaid, underworked unions and inefficient US producers, Obama has imposed — unilaterally, as a dictator — a 35% tariff tax on Chinese tires. The Chinese correctly point out that this is an act of the rankest protectionism, and harmful to the cause of world trade.”

President Bush did things like this too: President Bush’s tax hike.


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