In my article Wichita city hall silent on handling of ethics issue, I made a mistake in stating that a ready-to-print story was canceled by Wichita Eagle newsroom management. Eagle editor Sherry Chisenhall informs me that the newspaper did perform research as I reported, but the matter never advanced to a story that was ready for publication. Therefore, there was no story to “squash,” as I reported.

I regret this error and apologize to the newspaper.

The issue remains that the Eagle newsroom is fully aware of the situation and decided to mention it only as a small part of a larger story, as my article explains. The Eagle editorial page is still silent on this issue.


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  1. […] article is in error. Eagle newsroom management says research was never developed into a story. See here for more.) But Eagle newsroom management has squashed the story, citing the difficulty of drawing a […]

  2. Pat

    Thank you for correcting the record. You placed your correction right where everyone can read it, but when the Wichita Eagle decides to correct misinformation they place it where no one can see it. In addition, the editorial board can “hammer away” at people and issues disregarding honesty and integrity……it is just opinion!

  3. Patricia, formerly “Pat”

    I would agree with your correcting the record and the facts and would commend you in doing so. Now if you’d just provide balanced information instead of only the studies, reports, etc., that support your political ideaology……

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