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In this episode of WichitaLiberty.TV, host Bob Weeks shows his “Prezi” that illustrates the disregard for the law shown by Wichita’s mayor. Then, Bob walks viewers through a visualization that illustrates the unintended consequences of government intervention at the Wichita Airport. Finally, Bob introduces Henry Hazlitt’s book “Economics in One Lesson,” which will be the topic of future episodes of WichitaLiberty.TV. Episode 9, broadcast August 18, 2013. View below, or click here to view on YouTube.


  • I wonder if any of the other members of the Wichita Airport Authority could put together anything close to this software for the public to use. Great information Bob!

  • Glad that there is someone willing to fight city hall. If not Bob, who else? The council meetings look empty of people. Thanks Bob

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