Small area income and poverty estimates


An interactive visualization of household income and poverty data for states and counties, now with data through 2019.

The United States Census Bureau gathers statistics in a program called Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, or SAIPE. This week the Bureau released figures for 2019.

In the nearby example showing the poverty rate for Sedgwick County, Kansas, and the United States, we see that poverty rates have declined since the end of the Great Recession. We also see that the poverty rate for Sedgwick County and the nation trend closely, and both are higher than the statewide rate for Kansas.

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Of note: This data ends with the calendar year 2019, so the effects of the pandemic had not yet happened.

This interactive visualization presents median household income and all-ages poverty rate and population for states and counties.

Click here to learn more and access the interactive visualization. Data is available in tables, charts, and maps.


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