State population estimates for 2020


Compared to the nation and surrounding states, Kansas is growing slowly. An interactive visualization.

Each year the United States Census Bureau releases population estimates for the United States. Today, the Bureau released estimates for state populations as of July 1, 2020.

I present this data, along with associated computations of my own, in an interactive visualization. The nearby example shows data for Kansas as of July 1, 2020.

While Kansas is approaching three million in population, it will take many years to reach that benchmark. The estimated population of Kansas is 2,913,805 persons, growing by 1,170 persons (0.04 percent) from 2019. This rate of growth is slow, ranking number 33 among the states. The nearby chart of the rate of population growth in Kansas shows growth is flat in recent years, and below a selection of surrounding states.

Click for larger.

To learn more about the data and access the interactive visualization, click here.

Example from the visualization. Click for larger


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