In Wichita, pushing back at union protests


carpenters-union-logoA Wichita automobile dealer is pushing back at a labor union that’s accusing the dealer of unfair labor practices.

The dealership has details on its blog at Shame on Subaru of Wichita? The Facts Behind the Shakedown. The union has an issue with a company hired by the company that Subaru of Wichita hired to do construction work:

To the Carpenters union, a rat is someone who pays market wages rather than union demands.
To the Carpenters union, a rat is someone who pays market wages rather than union demands.

A rat is a contractor that does not pay all of its employees area standard wages, including either providing or making payments for health care benefits.

Shame on Subaru of Wichita for contributing to the erosion of area standards for carpenter craft workers. Hi-Tech Interiors, Inc. is performing work for general contractor Key Construction, Inc. on the new Subaru of Wichita project located at 11610 E. Kellogg Dr., Wichita, KS. Hi-Tech Interiors, Inc. does not meet area labor standards for all their carpenter craft workers, including fully paying for family health benefits.

In its story, the Wichita Eagle reported “‘We don’t do comments or anything like that,’ says Carpenters representative Chad Mabin. Instead, he refers to a union flyer with a drawing of a rat that appears to be eating an American flag.”

Just in case anyone is interested, Mabin, the union representative who doesn’t do comments, was paid $159,995 in 2012, composed of gross salary of $127,536 and allowances of $32,459. That’s according to, based on data from the Office of Labor-Management Standards, part of the United States Department of Labor.


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