Where’s the dirtiest coal plant in Kansas?


Right north of Lawrence, home to many of our state’s global warming alarmists, stands a very dirty coal-fired power plant. James Meier explains and describes the irony in the video commentary Most Polluting Regions Among Greatest Objectors to Coal Plants.

Which Kansas power plant was ranked the state’s dirtiest by the Environmental Integrity Project? The answer might surprise you.

Since, the Sebelius administration blocked the Holcomb Plant Expansion, there has been a flood of special interest money attempting to influence the political process.

Many of the activists from Lawrence don’t want the plant built because they insist there will be environmental problems that would affect the rest of the state, all coal power plants in Kansas, except Holcomb, are located in eastern Kansas .

Pollution knows no boundaries, and yet common sense dictates those closest to a plant will experience the most adverse effects. which power plant is the state’s dirtiest?

Westar’s Lawrence Energy Center produced over 4 million tons of carbon dioxide and 3 million megawatts of electricity in 2006 to be ranked the 12th dirtiest in the nation per kilowatt hour.


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