Kansas Climate Change Group Changes


In his piece Separate But Still the Same, climate change alarmist watchdog Paul Chesser writes “A global warming alarmist group that masqueraded for the last few years as an objective consultant for many states announced this week that it has been disowned by its global warming alarmist parents.”

This article describes changes made at the Center for Climate Strategies. This is of interest to us in Kansas for at least one reason. Here’s Chesser’s paraphrasing of CCS’ pitch made to states:

There is a human-caused global warming crisis and the states must do something about it, because the federal government is not. We ask the governor to issue an executive order that confirms this crisis and creates a commission to study greenhouse gas emissions — but call it a “climate commission.” Appoint members who buy into the anthropogenic global warming crisis, and include some representatives from utilities and business, but not too many or they might screw things up. Once you hire CCS, we will take care of everything for you from then on: run the meetings, set the agendas, write the meeting minutes, provide technical analysis, maintain the website, and establish the voting rules. Oh, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other global warming alarmist foundations have provided the funding for our work, so don’t you worry! Just let CCS do its thing.

Kansas, by way of Governor Kathleen Sebelius‘s executive order establishing Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group (KEEP), fell for this sales pitch — con job, really — and we’ll be paying for this mistake for years to come.


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  1. Ben

    It is interesting to see so many climate change and global warming alarmists retire in the warmer climates or have a second home there.

  2. kaitlyn gentles

    this is so excellent I dont know what to do.

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