Kelly Wendeln on Global Warming


Kelly Wendeln speaks to the members of the Wichita City Council about global warming on February 3, 2009.


2 responses to “Kelly Wendeln on Global Warming”

  1. I posted this video on my blog. There are a lot of people worldwide that is fighting this the greatest scientific and political scandal of the 21 the centaury.

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  2. Benjamin

    Mr. Wendeln nailed it on the head! Let’s just hope city council does not get any ideas for a carbon tax. Wind power should remain in private hands and be an option.If you want to put up a wind generator on your farm and have it for personal use….more power to you. Geo-thermal and solar are options as well but keep it out of the hands of government.Looks like our insurance agent govenor is next in line for a cabinet position in Obamination’s cabinet.

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