More doubt about man-made global warming


The evidence that global warming is a man-made phenomenon continues to fall under sharp questioning and doubt. Here the Boston Herald editorializes about information presented at the Third International Conference on Climate Change, sponsored by the Heartland Institute and held last week in Washington:

“New analyses of satellite data could mean that the scenario of a global warming disaster without large reductions in emissions of earth-warming gases could be about to shrink like a cheap suit in the rain.” (Cool it on warming, June 7, 2009)

The editorial refers to the research of Dr. Roy Spencer, highlighted last week in my post Why climate models are wrong.

From the Heartland Institute’s site, you can download and view a PowerPoint presentation by Spencer titled Why We Cannot Trust the IPCC Climate Models for Global Warming Predictions. (You’ll need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer to view the presentation. Or, you can download the free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft by clicking here and following the instructions.)

The scientific evidence that global warming is a problem primarily created by man’s activity continues to fall under doubt. We have to start asking why so many scientists cling to beliefs that, increasingly, appear to be founded on incorrect assumptions and models.


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