New York Times covers climate change conference before the event


The New York Times reports on the International Conference on Climate Change before the event starts, and declares that “global warming’s skeptics are showing signs of internal rifts and weakening support.”

Some of the Times’ criticism seems to flow from the fact that there is diversity in the ranks of climate skeptics. That seems to be more desirable than the lockstep in which warming extremists operate. After all, the science surrounding climate change is not at all certain, so to act as though the issue is settled is quite dangerous.

The Times also criticizes the event by calling attention to who isn’t attending.

But even this advance downplaying of the conferences isn’t enough for some Times readers. A comment left on one of the Times’ blogs said “The impetus for that probably came from the beancounters at the Times — it’s hard to believe their editors are that lame.”

The Times blogs are the only place where the actual conference is covered. The “news” article Skeptics Dispute Climate Worries and Each Other was published before the conference opened. There doesn’t seem to be any reporting in the Times on what actually happened at the conference.

Related: Read the opening remarks to the conference, delivered by Heartland Institute president Joseph L. Bast. More information about the conference and its proceedings may be read and viewed by clicking here.


2 responses to “New York Times covers climate change conference before the event”

  1. Wendy

    Just because Brittney Spears and Celine Dion won’t be attending the Climate Conference the New York Times can’t be bothered to actually attend the event and give us news from it! The NY Times has really sunk to tabloid status. “No Celebs? Well, we can’t be bothered.” It just goes to show you the NY Times is really only entertainment after all.

  2. Bob Weeks

    This reminds me of a Jay Leno joke:

    “Barbra Streisand told Diane Sawyer that we’re in a global warming crisis, and we can expect more and more intense storms, droughts and dust bowls. But before they act, weather experts say they’re still waiting to hear from Celine Dion.”

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