The Threat of Big Brother in Green Clothing


From the Competitive Enterprise Institute. This organization, particularly its site, is a great place to look for information about the true nature of global warming and climate change. The following announces the release of a video message that spotlights the real threat of global warming fear mongering.

Sixty Years After the Publication of George Orwell’s Classic, Do We Face a Real “1984”?

Washington, D.C., June 8, 2009 — Sixty years ago this week, George Orwell’s most important work of political fiction, 1984, was published. Orwell’s novel warned of the centralization of political power and the lengths that a totalitarian regime, led by Big Brother, would go to maintain its control over society.

On this anniversary, the Competitive Enterprise Institute reminds those who value freedom of a more current threat — the crusade for global governance led by environmental activist groups in the name of combating global warming. With calls for limits on energy use, new global taxes and the regulation of individual behavior, the recent development of environmental policy has tended ever more toward greater government control and less personal freedom.

“Environmental campaigners have long benefitted from the assumption that they have good intentions,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman. “Unfortunately, the modern environmental movement has focused increasingly on policies that increase government control over what business can sell, what consumers can buy and what individuals can do with their lives. Truly harmful emissions have been successfully restricted for the most part. But with the war on carbon dioxide being escalated to extreme levels, as demonstrated in the new Waxman-Markey bill, we see expanding government control become a goal unto itself.”


3 responses to “The Threat of Big Brother in Green Clothing”

  1. The environmentalists are fighting over a bone (fossil fuel) which should have been discarded years ago in favour of free energy. The use of electrolosis and water to produce hydrogen can provide abundent energy, as can magnets, for example. But the oil industry, with its powerful allies, has been busy ridiculing and suppressing these sources for years.

  2. Showalter

    No matter what, energy is NOT free, it takes power to make power. You need to go back to school, so does Al Gore.

  3. Frankie

    It appears to me that David Barlow has bought the global warming hype as the term goes “hook, line and sinker”. I am a more mature type, I’m sure, and I remember the “new ice age” from the 1970’s which never came to pass and I think this is more of the same. This is a way for government to get more control of our lives, our activities and our money, in my honest opinion.

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