Kansas Blog Roundup for August 22, 2008


In Kansas this week, some blogs are quiet, but others pick up the slack with some worthwhile posts.

The Kansas Progress questions the actions of the Kansas Traditional Republican Majority in Actions by liberal group denounced by state GOP.

The Kansas Republican Assembly blog has a two-part series of posts covering how Kansas has become the first state with government-owned casinos. The first post is How 73 voters brought state-owned casinos to Kansas, and the second part is How 50 voters brought state-owned casinos to Kansas. This is very interesting reading. Then, learn about Kansas’ liberal senate president (a Republican, believe it or not) in Morris in the NY Times: Coal Plants the “only major disagreement” he’s had with Sebelius. I don’t know who this reflects worse on: him or the governor.

The Kansas Trunkline notices news coverage of Senator Anthony Hensley’s Mail Problem. Then, another episode of Where in the World is Kathleen Sebelius Today?

The Kansas Meadowlark, much quieter this week than is usual for this Kansas investigative blogging powerhouse, contributes analysis of Kansas energy policy in Will we have electricity when the wind doesn’t blow when we’re old? Hopefully the Meadowlark is getting a well-deserved vacation or rest. Or maybe he’s busy on another investigation.

Stay Red Kansas remains silent.

Wichitopekington notices that a former Wichita city manager makes a little news in George Kolb emerges again… this time in Pat Salerno’s stomping grounds.

Kansas Liberty contributes an analysis of the source of some Kansas political money in Stowers money flows from Missouri into Kansas politics. Also of note is AG’s Office has issued 15,000 concealed carry permits. This website is making a valuable contribution to news coverage in Kansas.

At Blue Tide RisingBoyda Bloc, Lynn Jenkins-bashing is in full force.

Bobby Rozzell has a great idea for a local government leader in Everytime he passed a window they heard him say, “So far so good.” His “other” blog, Douglas and Main remains a fine site to keep up with Wichita blog happenings.

Wichita’s “Boondoggler” at Wichita 259 Truth contributes two fine pieces this week. The first, About FEMA Shelters raises important questions about the competence of Wichita school district officials when safeguarding Wichita schoolchildren.

The second, Fahnestock’s Motivation?, notes that the celebrity spokesperson for the Wichita public school bond issue doesn’t live in the district.

At Voice For Liberty in Wichita, the home of the Kansas Blog Roundup, two posts about Wichita “naysayers” appear: Wichita’s Naysayers Are Saying Yes to Liberty speaks to the foundation of why we (or at least me) say no. Then, Wichita’s Naysayers Shortchanged in Council’s Record wonders if we’re even heard in the official city proceedings.

On a personal note, Campaigning for my Precinct Race describes just that.

A Wichita journalist’s bias and lack of knowledge of tax increment financing, or TIF, districts is shown in Tiff over Wichita TIFs.

There’s some coverage of Wichita public school issues in The Things Wichita Eagle Columnist Mark McCormick Omits, Wichita School District: Where Do They Think the Funds Come From?, and Will George Fahnestock Vote For the Wichita School Bond Issue?, the last based on reporting by the Boondoggler.

Also coverage of climate change issues in Kansas in Kansas Climate Change Mitigation Will Be Costly and Kansas Can’t Do Much Locally To Counter Global Greenhouse Gas Emitters.


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