Analysis of Kansas Wind Power Prospects


In the post Is Sebelius’ call for more wind-power all hot air? Kansas Liberty reporter Holly Smith provides excellent analysis of the current situation regarding additional wind power generation in Kansas.

Some important findings:

With more wind power, electricity bills will be higher. Wind power generation is costly, and costs are rising rapidly.

There aren’t enough transmission lines from where the wind farms are located.

There is no scientific basis for associating emissions with public health risks.

T. Boone Pickens says “I’m not going to have the windmills on my ranch. They’re ugly.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial Wind Jammers sums up part of the problem: “In other words, the liberal push for alternatives has the look of a huge bait-and-switch. Washington responds to the climate change panic with multibillion-dollar taxpayer subsidies for supposedly clean tech. But then when those incentives start to have an effect in the real world, the same greens who favor the subsidies say build the turbines or towers somewhere else. The only energy sources they seem to like are the ones we don’t have.”


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