Kansas alternative media senate access discussed on WIBW


Kansas Watchdog reporting at Kansas Senate decides who is press and who is not may have caught the eye of Topeka radio talk show hosts Raubin Pierce and Megan Mosack, as they invited me to appear on their show today to talk about my inability to obtain press credentials at the Kansas Senate.

(By the way, isn’t it great that people in Topeka and northeast Kansas have a radio talk show that covers politics and public policy? We definitely could use something like this in Wichita.)

My appearance is available for listening at the show’s archive page under the heading “Thursday’s Show 2nd Hour”, although I think the easiest way to listen will be to click on this direct link. If all goes well, an audio file will download and start playing in your computer’s media player. After a little banter by hosts Raubin and Megan — they’re on location at a pizzeria in Overbrook, and the pizza sounds delicious — I appear a little more than two minutes into the recording.

The application form for Kansas Senate press credentials for 2010 is available at 2010 Kansas Senate Press Credentialing Application.

Previous reporting by me on this issue is at Kansas alternative media shut out of legislative access and Kansas alternative media discussed on Kansas Week. The latter story contains video of my appearance on the KPTS television public affairs program Kansas Week.


2 responses to “Kansas alternative media senate access discussed on WIBW”

  1. craig

    Bob lets start that E newspaper I talked to you about and you can be the Ks Legislature official reporter. Then I’ll bet we get you in.

  2. Dismal Scientist

    Craig, an e-newspaper is a good idea if you can get advertisers to support it. Bob I am in agreement with you, it would be great if Wichita (the largest city in Kansas) actually had a local show that covers politics and public policy. That is one of the problems with the fact that we do not have free speech in this country (never really did) and the fact that the Federal Government (FCC) rules the airwaves. Wichita radio is controlled by two big corporate fascist entities: Entercom and Journal Broadcasting. The little guys cannot compete because of the licensing schemes of the FCC. Free the airwaves! Abolish the FCC! Sell off frequency allocations and let the pure free market spontaneously order the radio spectrum!

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